College Week Celebration – 2017

The annual Mega-event of a week long celebration of culture, Games & sports, literary and an endless creativity and showcasing talents of the students of “Venerable Uktara Bethany College” were embarked in the “College Week Celebration- 2017” with the theme “Building Unity and borderless society” on 30-10-2017. The celebration begins with a “Peace Rally” marched across the town of Namsai by the students and staff, supported by the district administration of Namsai.The rally was conducted with an appeal to the public of Namsai to “be an agent of peace” and carried over the rally successfully with a bold scripts “Peace Rally – The Need of the hour” highlighted in its banner. The week long celebration ended on 3rd November, 2017 by witnessing several indoor and outdoor events and activities, a Marathon race being conducted for the students in the morning hour of the last day and they ran by exposing the same theme “Building Unity and Borderless Society”.

The Glimpses are framed in the College album: Enjoy! (Y)